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  Mystery Delivery  

Congratulations to ERIN BLUDD....a spot has been secured for you in the Tabula Rasa BETA phase. We thank you for your assistance....

Here is what was inside the case....TWO NEW LOGOS !!! And a message from our contact at the digsite...

[ image disabled ]

It seems that this was only the beginning. We'll update you as we receive any messages from DeAnima - and enlist any help we may need. Though DeAnima was unable to give a real name or location, the code seems to indicate they are in Peru somewhere, most likely close to the orginial digsite where the Benefactor Stone was discovered.

We had a great amount of support in solving this puzzle. Aside from getting a BETA slot, ERIN BLUDD will also be getting a custom forum title and name will accompany the logos when we are finished with that section.

Due to the awsome turnout, we've also selected 2 other random participants from the pool of correct answers.

Congratulations to: Darth_Tater & Vedren !!!!

The two of you will receive custom forum titles, some special notary on the logos page, and we'll be contacting the two of you with some special assignment soon.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to assist us. It seems this was only the first of many tasks, so rest assured there will be many more opportunities to help.

[ image disabled ]

This afternoon we had a very mysterious package annonymously delivered on our doorstep. A silver breifcase accompanied only by an envelope which contained the following message...

" In order to prove you are worthy of the contents - you must solve the following puzzle within 48 hours. If time expires, the briefcase and all its contents will be destroyed; along with your chances of being a part of the next greatest scientific breakthrough. I suggest you enlist whatever resources you can in order to solve it. Good Luck"

~ D

Embeded in the metallic breifcase is an alphabetic keypad and a small digital display with a clock counting down the remaining time.

On the reverse side of the note is the following puzzle and directions :

[ image disabled ]

You must solve this puzzle within 48 hours, else lose the contents. Fill in the grid so that every row,every column, and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 through 9.

When you have filled it in completely add the numbers in each shaded area, of which the sum will correspond with a letter in the alphabet ( 1 = A.....26 = Z ). Arrange the letters so they are in the following order to reveal the passcode:


Faced with this rather pressing time table, we'd like to offer a reward to the person that helps us crack it. First recruit to break the code not only gets a custom forum title, but we'll forge your name along side whatever secret cargo the breifcase contains !

In addition the BSP HQ has offered an additional reward to the one who can solve the puzzle first! The winner will be granted level 2 security access to classified BSP documents (aka beta access).

Contestants must be at least 18 years of age or older to be eligible to participate in the Tabula Rasa beta. In addition beta participants must agree to and comply with the NCSoft NDA (Non-disclosure agreement). All other contest rewards are subject to TR Gamers terms and conditions.

To submit the answer simply SIGN UP and send the PM to Masyn Goodchild or ConerVallore. Mosey on over to our community forums to discuss this, or any other TR topic.

So far - we've found THIS SITE to be a fairly good starting point...

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