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Tabula Rasa Gamers : News
  • Screenshot of the Week 5/23-5/30 and Other News TehSoM
    After some technical difficulties, we're back online and running, so sorry for the delays!

    First off, we have the Screenshot of the Week for 5/23!

    The picture displays a great shot of the indoor environments you will find in TR, with some evil Bane baddies shooting at the innocent AFS soldier in the middle, with his trusty rocket launcher!

    Next, we have the Screenshot of the Week for 5/30!

    This picture displays an impressive effort by a triplet of AFS soldiers laying down suppressive fire with their trusty weapons.

    And finally, in some Non-TR related info, our very own ConnerVallore is getting married this weekend! Hats off to Conner, and we wish you the very best on your wedding day and subsequent honeymoon!

  • POJRadio's Latest TR Interview TehSoM
    POJRadio has a great new interview posted. Check it out here. Right now its only an audio file, but for you text fans, a transcript should be up shortly.

    Thanks go out to JiggaV for the tip!

  • Warcry Interview Number 2 TehSoM
    Warcry's biannual interview with the TR crew has yielded its latest, with the second interview posted today. Check it out at Warcry now!

  • Screenshot of the Week, Why We Fight! TehSoM

    The new Screenshot for the week is out, titled Why We Fight. It showcases the aftermath of a Bane attack, leaving behind the bodies of several helpless victims to the scourge of evil called the Bane.

  • Screenshot of the Week, The Truth Is Out There ConerVallore

    This weeks screenshot gives us a small example of Eloh architecture which can be found to the right behind the AFS soldier. The Eloh, also known as the Benefactors, are the ones sending us messages in the Logos language as seen in the two pillars to the right and left.

  • NCSoft's TR-Inspired Room TehSoM

    Going slightly off-topic for once, we would like to show you guys the awesome Tabula Rasa room at NCSoft's building, a result of the collaberation between Dell and NCSoft. It really looks nice, and its good news to know they're devoting such efforts to publicizing the game.

    Go here for more about the official Tabula Rasa Room!

  • X-Play TR Feature Now Online TehSoM
    If you missed the G4 X-Play feature on Tabula Rasa, they now have it up at their website. Click the magical link here and check it out! Scroll down to Tabula Rasa to view it. They go over a general view of the game and storyline, as well as very in-depth interview with Richard Garriott. Get it while its hot!

  • Warcry Begin's a new Q & A Series TehSoM
    The guys over at Warcry have started a new Q & A with different members of the Tabula Rasa team. This should take place twice a month. For now, wet your appetite on the first five questions!

    WarCry: You have said that at any point in your career you can clone yourself to make a new character that will not have to start at the beginning again. Does this mean that if I am a level 50 Spy, and want to try a soldier, I can simply make a level 50 soldier?
    April Burba: No. If you clone a L50 Spy, you have another L50 Spy. The best times to clone are right before making a career choice. That way you can pick one career with one clone and another with your original character. You only have to go back as far as your last career choice this way.

    For the rest of the interview, go to here.

  • Richard on X-Play G4 May 4th ConerVallore
    Richard Garriott will make an appearance on the Friday, May 4 one-hour special, the "X-Play Summer Games Preview" on G4-TV at 8PM ET. Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler will host the show, which will feature a unique behind-the-scenes look at what makes the new assortment of games so exceptional.

    Don't forget to set your Tivo

| Date published: Thu, 21 Mar 2019 15:33:34 -0700
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