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John Bourne's blog

Lt. John Bourne, in and out of character and other randomness

  Last night I went for a drink ...  
I just spent the night at the Tavern over at 2187, creepiest lock-in I ever been in. Wasn't long after I got there that the sirens went off and the bars on the door went down, safty first right, I guess.

Me and a few others from some either unimportant or washed up units sat under the main emergency light with a deck of playing cards, you could barely see the floor but you could atleast make out the table. Then it was about ten, fifthteen minutes before someone cut the cards, everyone just sat listening as shrieks cut through the air as the predators did a fly by of the base. Then, the big AA turrets opened up, sounded like an ASF soldier was manning each, no wonder the order for a lock down had gone up. I felt real bad for any poor sod caught outside, not much they could do that the turrets couldn't, all you were was an easy target.

The fighting was getting worse, the turrets wheren't firing like they had been, either one was down or someone was incapacitated. The Preds started to sound like they were simply bombarding the base with fire and a couple of shots rocked the tavern. The light over head swung from its cable, it made neat little circles lighting up faces as it went, scared, frightened, too intoxicated to care, indifferent and angry faces. A few more shots drummed against the roof and dust fell from the metal beams above then a cough echoed from behind the bar. Before the dust settled a double hinged backdoor swung violently open, ASF troops piled in mostly carrying and assisting wounded. Through the open door everyone saw the shots scorching the ground like chemical rain.

I heard a voice curse and shout, "INBOUND!" as one of the last casualties was lifted off his feet and thrown through the open doorway. He landed next to the table face down, a Pred energy burst through his back, and it'd practically cauterized the entire wound. You could tell because you could see right through to the floor before what blood could managed to fill the hole. Two heavy troopers grabbed the poor guy by the feet and dragged him into a dark booth. They past moments later and rejoined the fight alone.

It was then that Sergeant Simpson barged in through the backdoors as medic tried to secure the latchlock, he spoke with a grimace trying to hold an open wound on his right side, "I need someone to take out these god damn Predators!"

Comments (1) | 2006. 12. 18. 04:49:05
  Tabula Rasa Wallpapers  
Well, wow. My first wallpaper on TRGamers earned me a personal mention on tr.JAG and then on the community news section of the website. Okay... so I'm not the most deserving person in the world, but it was a very big pleasant suprise for me.

I was little confused about the details in the playtr posting though, I have a Benefactor Stone Project disk or five (thanks Tsirin, nicest thing I've had happen to me in the past few years), I just don't have them with me so I can't check them. Are they basically the same as the TR Sampler disc's handed out at the Conventions? I have no idea, comment if you know.

Anyway to clear things up, I made the Logos on the wallpapers by vectoring out the shapes and doing everything from scratch with a few stock textures from a library CD, oh and some star maps. The basic logos in Photoshop's Custom Shape format (Custom Shapes are photoshops idea of limited capacity Vector Images). I will do my utmost to make these available. I also have the old style Logo and a few custom logos in the same format 'somewhere', if I can get a hold of them, I'II make them available at the same time - if not, they're lost to me as well as you and I appologize.

If you have any great ideas for what would make a cool looking TR Logo based off the basic shape of the official logo, make a comment and tell me, because well thought out ideas can be the hardest part of making a good finished product. Input really is appreciated.

Whats next? Well, I have a captain to make happy with a nice looking Clan Embelm. If you're a Rank and File member, login to the RAF forum to see how thats going and drop some comments, crits.

And the future? We'll see. But thanks for making creating what I have done such an enjoyable and worth whiled experience.

Comments (1) | 2006. 12. 17. 01:40:17
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