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Erin Bludd's blog

Erin's Blog!!

  The Discovery of Erin  
The smells were familiar. The sweet scent of oxygen, the luscious scent of grass and weeds, the earthy fragrance of humice, and the smell of...blood? As she began to come to, Erin realized that she didn't know where she was or what was going on but she knew everything hurt A LOT. That's right, thought Erin, the battle with those....things. Realizing there was something nearby, she attempted to roll over and pull her pistol but found her pistol was gone.

"Can't have you wielding anything dangerous now can we," stated a gruff voice. "Just sit tight, we'll have a ride for you soon."

"Who, who are you," questioned Erin.

"We're who you make us to be," the strange man looked at her dogtags, "Erin."

What kind of answer is that, thought Erin. Her eyes began to adjust to the light and she could clearly tell there was more than one person here. From what she could tell, there were six others all taking cover. Plus the guy crouching next to her makes seven. "You guys aren't wearing any uniforms I've seen before. Honestly, tell me who you people are."

"We're simple soldiers in a conflict greater than any Earth has seen before. That's who we are," the man sarcastically responded. "Look its going to be getting a little exciting around here why don't you move over there," he said pointing to a fairly large oak tree one of his squadmates was crouched behind.

Erin attempted to stand up but failed horribly. Her legs would not support her and an extreme pain shot up her spine as soon as she tried. Then she realized where the smell of blood came from when she gazed at her legs and saw four bandages, three of which were very bloody.

"Yeah, you were in pretty bad shape when we found you," stated the man. "Oh and by the way I'm Gabriel, the squad medic. I patched you up as best I can but we need to get you to our hospital as soon as we can," he said while pulling a syringe out of his pack. He injected her with the liquid, which Erin guessed was morphine. "This'll hold you over until we get there. Now let's get you over there." And with that he hoisted her up over his shoulder and gently put her down next to the tree.

Erin sat against the tree and looked at the man next to her. He had a grim, determined look on his face and a nasty scar above his right ear. "So when will," she started but was interrupted by the man's head practically exploding and spewing brain matter all over her, Gabriel, and the tree.

"SHIT!" the medic yelled, "They're here already." The CO, at least Erin thought she was, began yelling commands and the squad opened fire. Erin struggled to see what was going on around the tree but Gabriel knocked her back against the tree and slid the body a few feet then took the fallen soldier's place.

"We need to fall back!" the CO screamed "And where the fuck is Shifty?"

Shifty must have been their lookout, Erin thought.

"Grab her and fall back, we'll cover you and I'll tell the drop-ship to put down on your position," yelled the CO.

Just then an immensely loud whir was heard overhead followed by a loud *thud* which reverberated the ground under Erin. Erin looked up as the doors on the pod dropped and several soldiers poured out, guns blazing. Almost immediately the cannon on top of the pod opened fire with a roar on the advancing creatures.

Gabriel grabbed Erin, threw her over his shoulder and made a mad dash for the drop pod. Upon entering, he practically slammed her down in a seat and strapped her in. The rest of the squad soon followed and the "reinforcements" followed suit. The doors closed with amazing speed and the top-mounted cannon made one last roar before a very loud clanking noise from over head was heard. There was a sense of being smashed in her seat but she became used to it fairly quickly as the drop-ship lifted off with the drop-pod. Shots ricocheted off the pod and echoed inside as they sped away.

There was a sense of relief, hatred, and sorrow in the pod. Erin was once again in the company of soldiers. It felt good and she soon realized that she would after all get another chance to destroy these creatures. These "bane" of my brothers-in-arms are all going to die by my hand as soon as I am battle ready. They will all perish and their blood shall be on my hands.

Comments (1) | 2007. 01. 20. 22:20:38
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