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Deep Shadow's blog

In Too Deep

  Deep Shadow Has a Blog !  
I'd like to Thank ConerVallore and Fractured for putting their time into this truly awesome website. I'd also like to thank anyone else I missed.
keep up the good work!! /em cheer

[Blog post #1] aka [Episode 1: Woot]

I gotta blog... bolt the doors and lock the windows, no one is safe.
Pretty soon well all have blogs, and then who will be left to read them ?
I know I won't be reading them... i'll be playing Tabula Rasa, or possibly, waiting for it to be released.

Yes I know there's a typo in there somewhere!
Until next time !

- - - - -
Taking Fire From My Safety!

Comments (3) | 2006. 12. 03. 21:03:32
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