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Chat Problem
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{NEWFLAG} Ellume
Thu Mar 08 2007, 04:12PM

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Joined: Wed Mar 07 2007, 06:57PM

Posts: 21
When I tried to use the sites irc chat, after the java app loaded and tries to autoconnect it failed giving "undefined string" messages. Whenever I click the connect or channels button it gave another "undefined string" message. I tried on both IE version 6.0.2600.0000.xpclient.010817-1148 and on Firefox version I used java build 1.5.0_10-b03.

There was no problem with Firefox version 2.0.2. So if anyone else has this problem just update your browser.

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{NEWFLAG} Masyn Goodchild
Thu Mar 08 2007, 04:26PM

JAG Assistant Admin

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Joined: Thu Feb 08 2007, 06:45AM

Posts: 67
Thanks for the info - I have the same issues here at work...perhaps I should try updating to IE7 - as it works at home just fine.

Else, I think Coner noted it on the chat page to clear out browser cache / temp files as well.

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{NEWFLAG} Erin Bludd
Thu Mar 08 2007, 04:45PM

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Joined: Sat Jan 13 2007, 09:07PM

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fixed my problem

[ Edited Sat Mar 10 2007, 03:19PM ]

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