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Weird Surprises
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{NEWFLAG} Fribian
Wed Mar 07 2007, 06:33PM
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Joined: Tue Mar 06 2007, 09:27PM

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Some of the things from the past that made playing Lord British games a lot of fun were the things that were unusual. I'd love to see more weirdness like that. For instance, these are some things I totally dug from the past.

- In one of the ultimas, I got attacked by horses and I though they were safe
- In another ultima I was attacked by what looked like grass, that was weird
- Ultima onlline. A human liver on the ground in front of the bank
- In one of the ultimas, I dug a hole in the ground, it went to some ant ruins and piles of garbage
- slaying a dragon by using a baby diaper I found in the nursery (spelling?)
- ultima online, cast a Blade Spirit and suddenly a Purple Llama of Death appears and wipes us all out
- World of Warcraft - a disease started spreading once I think,
- Bob and Fred wars on Ultima online

What I'd like to see in Tabula Rasa is more freaky weirdness like this, lots of it; examples:

- an invisible hole you might fall into under certain circumstances, but only when alone (whole weird place)
- teleportation lands you someplace very unsual (like the hole on previous line), but very rare
- if you're a bad guy, perhaps your nose gets really long and it is very obvious
- being able to create art pieces in little framed pictures and uploading them, your name on them
- you could swear one of those trees in the woods had moved a little bit, but you're not for certain
- I wanna actually shoot holes in the trees, or catch them on fire; I might even get trapped in a forest fire
- why the hell did my gun turn into a rubber chicken?
- If I could change into a tree, a patch of grass, or a small mud puddle for a bit and hide, that would be fun
- learn and teach emotes to and from other players, we all start with none, but we learn as we play
- follow another player from their point of view, just watching, spying (probably not practical)
- to have this feeling you're being watched, followed, targeted by something, adrenaline build up... etc.

[ Edited Wed Mar 07 2007, 06:35PM ]
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{NEWFLAG} Masyn Goodchild
Wed Mar 07 2007, 07:44PM

JAG Assistant Admin

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Joined: Thu Feb 08 2007, 06:45AM

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That is some very intersting stuff there Frib...

I think everyone digs the easter eggs -- intentional or not. Taking into consideration Garriot's obsession with all things secret and hidden, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if there weren't a few pockets of content waiting to be discovered by those crafty, or lucky enough to find them.

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Dark master of the ..... and the /'ies
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{NEWFLAG} Fribian
Sat Mar 10 2007, 03:00PM
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Joined: Tue Mar 06 2007, 09:27PM

Posts: 4
Any other ideas that you think would be fun?
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