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Ammo Ideas
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{NEWFLAG} Fractured
Tue Feb 06 2007, 09:59AM
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I'm reviving a thread that I started along time ago on the OGaming TR boards (Which I believe were cut off or something, cant get to em). I thought it would be a really neat idea, really bring it a little more to life, with some more intense issues to think about. Making larger parties a much bigger hassel, while making it fun at the same time.

A few of the members had a problem with the Bane dropping our ammo for us, it just doesnt seem realistic, and I agree. So I tried to work out a problem to make it so people still have to keep ammo on there mind, while not being too pushed about filling there inventory with it.

The idea was to implement a ammo call, where the leader of your group (I'm sure this would be group restricted) would find out if people are running out of ammo, and if they were, he would call a nearby outpost and ask for a ammo run. The method of how the team would recieve the ammo would depend on the size of the team.

Smaller Teams (2-3) - Would have to backtrack a bit, as a NPC would race towards them. The NPC would be armed, and have some decent armor on him, but nothing he could fend off with. The team would have to get to him, and he'll drop off the ammo, then depart back to the outpost.

Medium Teams (4-6) - This would be somewhat similiar to the Smaller Teams, but they wouldnt have to backtrack. The team would be told to stay in position, and a group of NPCs, probably 4 Guards, and 2 Ammo Runners would get to there position in a minute or so. Of course the Bane would notice there purpose, so they would bunker down with the player team for a bit, to kill off the Bane intercept force (Maybe 8-10 Bane or something, nothing big). They would drop the ammo, and then depart back to the outpost.

Large Teams (6-7+) - This one I would personally love to see happen. Anyways, the team leader would call in for a ammo run, and then they would get coordinates to a open area. The team would then proceed to the coordinates, and then bunker in there. The Bane would of also recieved the transmission or something along that line, and would send a few waves of soldiers at them. The team would of course have to hold off the Bane for a bit. Then a ASF Dropship would come in, have the dropship turrets open fire on the Bane. When it lands, 6+ soldiers come out of the Dropship and help hold off the Bane. While thats going on, some NPC soldiers pull out a couple of crates of ammo. Once they drop it off, the NPCs get back into the Dropship and take off. By this time the Bane forces should be decimated.

Of course, you cant call on ammo at any time you please, there would be a timer of some sort. I would like this all, because it would create a situation where the team would haev to decide when to call for ammo, knowing they will have to fight a bit to get it, while not calling too soon, incase they will need it again.

I can see it getting kind of repeative, so I would choose that they wouldnt need to call in ammo runners every mission or so, make ammo effecient enough for that.

Onto the other ammo we had, was certain capturable outposts could be ammo facility. Considering the ammo runners ammo wouldnt be anything of great power, the ammo facilities if controlled by the ASF could increase the power of that ammo.

And I have to go, I'll update this a bit later.

The shadows always consume the weak!
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{NEWFLAG} Dragnl0rd
Tue Feb 06 2007, 04:22PM
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As of the E3 2005 demo playable demo (first playable demo after the game's revision towards what we see today), the bane did drop ammo for AFS weaponry. It may not seem realistic, but above all else, it helps keep you moving. Nothing sucks like having to stop because you ran out of something. And trust me, when you're in the middle of assaulting a bane base covered by thraxx, predators, and the occasional stalker, the last thing you would be worried about is "Why did the ammo clip that thrax dropped fit in my gun?" because if you have time to worry, you have time to shoot.

Lets look at this another way.

The bane have been on a relentless assault of the AFS worlds. Resources are at a minimum, time to research new techology is scarce.

Question: How do you develop a small arms weapons platform that can constantly be supplied in such a way that the bane can't do anything about it?

Answer: You don't. You use what little you have left in the way of munitions to steal Bane weaponry and adapt it for AFS use. In simplest terms, you use bane weaponry against the bane. Your ammunition supply then becomes whatever you can steal from the bane, as well as any you can get from the thinktanks that can reverse engineer the technology.

Thought about like this, you could then say that it isn't bane that are dropping AFS ammunition when they die, but rather the AFS using Bane weapons and Bane Ammo.


"You misunderstand me commander. I lead a group of highly trained, illegally soldier-boosted, bloodthirsty mercenaries. We don't requisition anything with something as pansy as a SAFETY on it." - Capt. Kaff Tagon
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{NEWFLAG} Fractured
Mon Feb 19 2007, 05:38AM
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I thought a bit, and your pretty much right.

But if they add (Which I hope), a kind of Strikeforce/Raid from WoW/CoX, that takes awhile, I hope they add some limited items for the leader that allows for them to call in for some ammo/repair ships to drop it. Which of course would require some side work in it. Just adds a little more of a challenge to something like that.

Unlike quite a few people believe, I love certain missions or whatever that take longer then normal (2-4 hours). Nothing like a 40m raid though (Unless its open battlefield, and to attack a Bane main base ), but something that a tight squad (Friends, or clan comrades) do for a bit of a challenge. Larger and harder mobs, with tough boss's, and dedicated time. I also dont want to see unique items drop from them, just a higher chance to get something good.

Back on track, if they kept it as something to use for these kinds of missions, I really think it could add something. Also just a simple supply drop as a ability from a certain class would be awsome too. Maybe after a 1-2 minute period, a box full of ammo would fall from the sky or something, much like Battlefield way of doing it.

The shadows always consume the weak!
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Wed Sep 19 2007, 03:40PM
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Just drop a repair/vendor bot once the group is below 50%...

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