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In the interest of helping debug...
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{NEWFLAG} Dragnl0rd
Tue Jan 23 2007, 04:01PM
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Joined: Sat Jan 20 2007, 06:25PM

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I have noticed two things that have come up:

here are the details:
Browser = Opera 9.10


In an attempt to edit a previous post, clicking submit ended up generating a completely new post.


The LINK button at the bottom of the topic reply text field currently generates the following text:

when it SHOULD be generating:

Thank you for your time and consideration on these issues.

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{NEWFLAG} ConerVallore
Tue Jan 23 2007, 04:11PM

JAG Head Admin

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Thanks for submitting this. I have been working on a near future update that will help our Opera users out. It’s nice to have the help of the community to find bugs/issues like this.

The link issue:

Currently the link button will add

"link = hyperlink url" then an end link "/link"

You replace "hyperlink url" with the url and between the start end end "]here[" you put the text you want linked to the url.

Here is an example:

This is a link.

Replacing "][" with "" :

"link="This is a link."/link"

You can also use "url" "/url" if you want to just display the url as the text.


Replacing "][" with "" :

"url""/ url"

[ Edited Tue Jan 23 2007, 04:15PM ]

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