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Clan Base
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{NEWFLAG} Fractured
Wed Jan 03 2007, 09:56AM
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I really think a clan base would be awsome. Make it so its more then just a place to chill out too. You can make a secondary currency like City of X has, so you dont have to worry about spending your money on helping your clan base out.

You could make it so there could be repair people, some vendors that carry random stuff (Rare for anything good), a guy to sell ammo, and what not. You could get guards posted, turrets put up to help "defend".

Yes, I just did say defend. The real reason I would love this, is if you could somehow create some kind of attack on your base, and then have to defend it from the Bane !

I was thinking maybe a NPC at the clan base could call up all clan members, and tell them there will be a attack on the base in say, 30-45 minutes. And then players would have to say they could join or not. Any players who log on after the inital notice, will be prompted about it when they load up, and can still join. This way, the enemies can be scaled to whoever joins. Also, everyone will have to be somehow equaled in power, so low levels and high levels can both join without causing any distress.

I could personally care less if there was any rewards for defending, maybe a chance to counter-attack a Bane base to gain some kind of technology, or rescue some guy to help defend your baes from future attacks.

I would just love having about 15 of my Clan mates, running around the base, getting things setup, buffing everyone around. The Commander placing the NPC Guards into position. The base all in a hustle. Then the calm before the attack, when everyone is still. Then on the horizon, a large Bane force is running straight for your Base. A couple of turrets open fire with fully automatic weapons, blaring your speakers with gunfire, and bullets flying. Then a bunch of predators come from the sky trying to pull a Blitzkrieg style attack, while a stalker gets launched right into the middle of the base.

It would be so much fun!!!! And it would deffinetely help promote Clan joining, while not stressing hardcore only clans for it wouldnt be required for anything but some added fun.

The shadows always consume the weak!
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{NEWFLAG} Erin Bludd
Fri Mar 09 2007, 09:04PM

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Well they could do something to the effect of "Home Base" in Planetside. When you have a "Home Base" you are matrixed to the base and it will always show as a spawn point even if its on the other side of the map.

I would take that idea a put a little more into it. The clan leader finds a base he likes (or maybe outpost even) and sets it as "Home Base." When this happens a mobile building bearing the clan's emblem pops up inside the base or around the outpost. It would be a building the clan could enter and could be "decorated" sort of like the SG bases in CoH. Only problem is limited in bases (because of walls ;P) so I'm not sure how well it'd work. Just a thought.

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{NEWFLAG} NJgamerguy
Thu Oct 04 2007, 07:25PM
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I like the clan base idea I think it will be good and people will join together to make more of them.

Instead of currency I say there should be a rating system of points that your clan earns whenever they kill Bane and a lot more points for taking a Bane base or something. This will allow you to purchase the things for your base like guards, vendors that give better deals, turrets, or whatever else.

As for the base defense I would say a preset time that the base is attacked would be good overall though the point of getting good guards is they defend while no players are around. That can be based on how annoying the clan is to the Bane. When you get up there in points they attack and proceedingly attack more aggressively. If the Bane win the clan looses whatever was there to the fight like points are deducted for dead guards and turrets. To counteract this you can counter-assualt by fighting the dropped in soldiers and stealing their dropship using it to go to the ship that brought them. From there you have to do a mission like blow up the engine core and get out. That would reset the time say for like a week or two. To counteract the differences in levels there maybe would be a couple dropships say 3 that you can jump on restricted by level for different missions. Like the higher lvl group goes for spaceship, the midlevel group takes on a ground base, while the low level group has to attack an outpost.

If you really want to get indepth you can have that required or the difficulties increase. Such as the low lvls have to attack the outpost causeing reinforcements from base to go to outpost, the base has to be attacked to cause reinforcements from ship to leave, there by making the ship battle not as difficult.
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