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New Recruit Welcome Thread – Stop by before posting
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Moderators: ConerVallore, Fractured, Masyn Goodchild, TehSoM
Author Post
{NEWFLAG} Killiran
Wed Mar 07 2007, 12:00AM
Registered Member #73
Joined: Tue Mar 06 2007, 11:37PM

Posts: 3
Private Killiran reporting for Duty Sir!
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{NEWFLAG} syfer
Wed Mar 07 2007, 03:14AM

Registered Member #49
Joined: Tue Mar 06 2007, 02:04PM

Posts: 19
Erin Bludd wrote ...

Welcome to our community. Make yourself home. Can I get you some tea?

yeah of course

And welcome to everyone ^^
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{NEWFLAG} Disintegrate
Wed Mar 07 2007, 08:48AM
Registered Member #91
Joined: Wed Mar 07 2007, 07:42AM

Posts: 6
I guess I am a bit of a rule breaker here since I already have posted twice in the forums. Nonetheless, I'd like to introduce myself and commend you for the really nice website. It reflects the military setting of Tabula Rasa really well.

My first "MMO" was Guild Wars (I played since the beta). I started playing WoW last year but quit after 5 months. I played City of Heroes/Villains but quit before my free 30 day period expired because the game is too repetitive. Right now, I am playing Ultima Online and enjoying old school MMO concepts (and really nice community from what I've seen so far) until Tabula Rasa comes out.

I have read several articles and been keeping a close eye on Tabula Rasa updates recently and all I can say is that I am very excited about this game.

So yeah, cheers to everyone! See you guys around.

[ Edited Wed Mar 07 2007, 09:02AM ]

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{NEWFLAG} Masyn Goodchild
Wed Mar 07 2007, 06:15PM

JAG Assistant Admin

Registered Member #38
Joined: Thu Feb 08 2007, 06:45AM

Posts: 67
Welcome aboard Disintegrate...

GuildWars BETA eh ?

I was in the alpha for a year and half and beta up through release of the first Ex-pack.

The game tooks some turns that turned me away from play --- but the Beta / Community atmosphere of GW is unparalleled thus far due to a very active and attentive development team - and of course the community leadership of Gaile Grey.

[ image disabled ]

Dark master of the ..... and the /'ies
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{NEWFLAG} LostHumanity
Wed Mar 07 2007, 07:38PM
Registered Member #68
Joined: Tue Mar 06 2007, 09:36PM

Posts: 1
LostHumanity here. Nice site, and now my default home page.
I have been a long time gaming for a long time, starting with some ASCII games on a TRS-80 with 4K and a data-cassette. Prior to that it was the original PnP D&D (three small paper back books and some dice) Mainly FPS, but the last couple of years have been more MMO types with Linage ][, WoW , RF-Online(not for long). The only one to keep my interest has been Linage][, but I'm hopping to change that wit TR.

Grow up? Nobody said I had to do that! Pay taxes and Die, yea - but Grow up?
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{NEWFLAG} denunzio11
Thu Mar 08 2007, 08:20AM
Registered Member #103
Joined: Wed Mar 07 2007, 01:05PM

Posts: 6

Rule breaker here too...posted elswhere before

Hi, I'm Denunzio11 and I'm a MMOaholic.

Plying VanguardSOH right now (not bad, lots of potential, really buggy, but really just the same old formula). Invested way too much time in WOW, EQ2, SWG, and AO.

Must admit I'm getting more and more pumped for TR the more press that Garriott does...looking great.

Thanks for the site and nice meeting you all.

- Denunzio11
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{NEWFLAG} ConerVallore
Thu Mar 08 2007, 08:53AM

JAG Head Admin

Registered Member #1
Joined: Mon Oct 02 2006, 04:05PM

Posts: 243
Welcome to the boards everyone!

Wow, so many new faces. Make sure to drop by often as we try and mix things up both on the forums and all around the site.

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=> ConerVallore <=
JAG Network Head Admin
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{NEWFLAG} Ellume
Thu Mar 08 2007, 12:41PM

Registered Member #109
Joined: Wed Mar 07 2007, 06:57PM

Posts: 21
Recuit Ellume, field support and organizational psychologist trainee, reporting for duty!

[ image disabled ]
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{NEWFLAG} ConerVallore
Fri Mar 09 2007, 10:23AM

JAG Head Admin

Registered Member #1
Joined: Mon Oct 02 2006, 04:05PM

Posts: 243
Welcome Ellume, good to see you on the forums

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=> ConerVallore <=
JAG Network Head Admin
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{NEWFLAG} maduin
Sat Apr 21 2007, 04:49PM
Registered Member #139
Joined: Sat Apr 21 2007, 03:52PM

Posts: 1
Hey there TR folks!

I used to follow this game alot when it was in its first phase way back in '04 on the Ogaming/Stratics sites. I remember ConerVallore from Ogaming so I figured I'd catch-up on whats going on in the TR universe over here now that I got all the WoW'ing out of me. Great site here, hope to learn and converse with you all as the TR machine rolls on.


[ Edited Sat Apr 21 2007, 04:52PM ]
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