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{NEWFLAG} John Bourne
Thu Dec 21 2006, 03:28PM

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It's been lacking a mention for a long time, but Puzzles were at one point supposed to be quite the affair in Tabula Rasa, and by that I mean at the very least, a part of the gameplay. Looking at the recently released christmas gift Wallpapers, something caught my attention, while looking at screenshots I'd noticed breathing aparatus on certain troops, with suits that covered the entire body, and now with the release of these wallpapers, (I could be mistaken) it seems to clearly show a trooper in what looks to be a pretty hostile environment, wearing what I would describe as a self-contained enviroment suit.

Cool? Well, getting back to puzzles, they can be quite simple or quite complex things, the more variables the puzzle is given the harder it is to solve. But on the simple end of this, a puzzle could simply be how to transverse from point A to point B alive, in a noxious or toxic environment the answer to such a puzzle could simply be an Environment suit.

In the same screenshot we also see what appears to be a powered, but failing Bane defense tower, maybe another puzzle variable? The Bane dropship, scanning over the area, another variable?

Perhaps the puzzle here is to gain an environment suit, find a route through the broken or hacked defense system while dodging the search attempts of the Bane in a similar fashion to the retro game Frogger?

Can anyone else imagine or spot the potential gameplay puzzles in Tabula Rasa? Maybe you have a cool idea for one that just has to be shared, go for it ...

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{NEWFLAG} Tainted Greek
Fri Dec 22 2006, 02:52AM
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I can see the exclusice language TR will incorporate to have something to do with Puzzles maybe as well. Incorporating into gameplay the TR language would be really cool.Maybe for optional quests but still would be really nice.

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{NEWFLAG} Deep Shadow
Fri Dec 22 2006, 05:56AM

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[Lt. your always starting forum parties when i'm not around....]

Okay first some quotes... then my comment's.

"Because every mission is a personalized instance for the squad involved, the mission can have things like locked doors, riddles, puzzles, hidden rooms and inaccessible areas. In fact, each mission will have several primary objectives and multiple secondary objectives -- some of which are mutually exclusive. Missions acquire replayability when teams try to solve them a different way or return to areas they couldn't reach because they hadn't yet acquired the appropriate skill."

Long demonstrated this concept as he ran through sample missions from the game. The first involved a prison break. Long's party of NCSoft adventurers focused mostly on "body" or physical attacks. As such, his squad eschewed subtlety and just charged straight ahead, slaughtering every guard they met, eventually culminating in a fight with the prison warden. That approach, though, meant that the squad would automatically fail some of the secondary objectives - in this case rescuing other prisoners that would be killed when the alarm went off. When they eventually succeeded in the mission, they each received a commensurate reward. If they chose to take a different tactic, say by being more stealthy, avoiding the warden and rescuing more secondary prisoners, they would then receive a different, but equally attractive reward. The beauty is that even after they complete the mission, they can do it again, try different tactics and get that other reward. In fact, when they acquire new skills, they can try it again for yet more stuff.

That's from the gamespy 2004 preview (pre-revision).

Here's the linky

I'm not the biggest fan of puzzles, well maybe if there done right.
I'd love having multiple ways of completing a mission.
The system they mention'd would toss in uber replayability.... and if they deepened the level of AI reactions then it would be... uh... (word.. word..) W00Tzer!!

Imagine the AI responding to multiple attacks, you send a ranger in to cause some stealthy havoc, and then your team assault's the prison, as the Bane rush to execute the prisoner's your ranger goes wild, kills the executioner's and releases the 2ndary objective prisoners.
All the while, your squad managed to breach the base's defenses and are on the way to complete the primary objective, only now you have help from some very angry Npc AFS soldiers.
(Let me dream just a bit longer before I give this hope up for lost.)

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{NEWFLAG} Harlequin
Fri Dec 22 2006, 05:51PM
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I REALLY hoping that those puzzle-like mission have remained an integral part of the TR gameplay now that it's post-revision. Back when that article was release, and I remember the video they're talking about, it was still very much that fantasy-like game they were pushing before.

Hopefully they now have a much more sci-fi feel to those same types of varied mission objectives.

Interestinly enough, if you check the concept art for the various weapon types and their functions, you'll notice that there's quite a number of both ammunition and weapons themselves that could pontentially have a huge variety of uses outside of combat. Take the Field Density Cannon for instance - You could be on a mission to sieze a certain objective which is located on a floating defense platform. Using the Density gun, you have to lower the platform slowly (without alerting the guards) to the point where your squad can board safely and stealthily in which case, like J. Bourne mentioned, you have to prepare the necessary equipment. Or you could just blast the thing down.

The same thing goes with ammunition types. You gotta have the right tools for the job.

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