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Covenant of the Phoenix: Cassiopeia
Moderators: ConerVallore, Fractured, Masyn Goodchild, TehSoM
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Thu Dec 20 2007, 01:00AM
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The Covenant of the Phoenix is a multi gaming guild that has been around for over 8 years with chapters in; AC, SWG, CoV, Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings, Vanguard and now Tabula Rasa. More chapters will open up as the need arises. Let's face it, mmorpgs come and go. When looking for a guild you will want one that is willing to expand into other games. As of right now, AoC, PotBS and Warhammer Online loom large on our radar.

I can't say enough good things about our community. We are much more than just a guild, we are a family. The community is very active in the management of the guild and the website. All members are viewed as equals and are not considered just another number. Our members are very friendly and helpful both in the game and on the forums. While we may be a multi gaming guild, we have always taken strides to maintain that close knit family oriented feeling that is often associated with smaller guilds. We aren't looking to expand our guild just for numbers sake, we are merely looking for more friends to game and chat with.

The guild's goal is to meet and keep gaming friends, and move along together to other games as member interest dictates. The guild was founded on the principles of loyalty, honor, and brotherhood and thrives because on-line adventure games are more fun in the company of kindred spirits. Our membership ranges in age from teens to the late fifties and geographically spans the globe (although most are adults residing in the North American continent). Most of us have jobs or college commitments and families, and therefore we support the premise that real-life has priority over game-life. So power gaming isn't required.

We will give you the tools to become successful as a member and you will use these tools to build your character into a respectable member.

Role-playing is encouraged but not forced. Respect other people's choice to role-play.

Trash talking anywhere will not be tolerated. As a member of CotP your actions reflect on us all.

As per our charter you are expected to treat all your fellow players with a certain level of respect and dignity regardless of guild.

We have members of all ages here. Profanity is unpleasant for most members and will not be tolerated in the forums or guild text chat. (There are appropriately rated Teamspeak and Ventrilo channels.)

We will not tolerate begging, scamming, intentional deception, strong foul language, sexual remarks, derogatory or prejudice remarks involving, not limited to, gender, nationality, religious and political beliefs, or sexual orientation.

We will assist you with leveling your characters, but we do not exist as a power leveling service. In turn, you will be expected to help others do the same.

This guild is a family, you will treat your fellow guildmates as such, at all times

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If you have any questions please feel free to visit us at


Khaen - CotP -
Covenant of the Phoenix
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{NEWFLAG} seadragon
Thu Jan 17 2008, 11:02AM
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Joined: Thu Jan 17 2008, 10:58AM

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I joined this Guild and their clan and I have to say that people here is very friendly and helpful. I would like to really support them because they have been great.

I spent one week trying to join the clan, seemed I had to wait 6 days until the other clan finished their war, and they were asking everyday how it was going.

I am very happy to be with this guild and clan and come on and join us!!!


Tabula Rasa las tname: Smirnov
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Covenant of the Phoenix
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