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as a grenadier what you must do about your skill points at level 30
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{NEWFLAG} loszybe
Sun Dec 09 2007, 07:26PM
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well,many people may think that 'huh i'm level 30 now and i am the most powerful guy ',but unfortunately,that's not exactly the case if you failed to set your skill points after coloing your character a new member of the career of grenadier you still have a long way to go,at this level you should at least set your skill of rage at level 3.and your firearm at level 5 and the rockets luncher at level 3 ,gravition armor at level might ask why i don't advise you set more skill points on your new skills that avalible at level 30? well ,because that's costly to use and doesn't work quite effectively.and as the propellent guns are for the same reason.cause i am at level 41 now and the major weapon i used is shotgun ,it's powerful and has a good knockback effort.and till now i still just have one fireshrower the only propellant gun that is avalible for me .and it works poorly and quite expensive.but maybe as i get a higher level it would work,who knows.and i think the ability of rush is also important for a for as the attribute points are concerned i am gonna say you should set more points on the sprite,it increases your regenrating speed.well we all know that the gravition armor's advantage is its protecting effort but it has its vulnerable point,yeah the the regenrating you have ever reason to set more attribute points on sprite.i know you certainly feel disappoint at my suggestion,i feel depressed as you on it.but we gotta keep up the good work ,don't you?
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