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warning about tr gm's
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{NEWFLAG} shafted
Sat Nov 10 2007, 07:06AM
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Joined: Sat Nov 10 2007, 06:50AM

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last night i got myself a 72 hour ban from gm kanders for violating the eula rules apparentlly- well all i can say is i said "fix the fooking lag" so he whispered me sayign if i dotn stop swearingin public chat he will ban me- i then said to him in a tell- jesus chrsit man stop hassling me and fix the the lag we are all suffering from seeign we are paying customers to this game -to which he replied i must comply with elua rules or get a ban - to which i then replied "man you suck at your job" not even a minute went by and bam i got banned - so i complained sayign why was i banned- and he wont reply- instead i got an email from gm rob -

Response (GM Rob) 11/09/2007 10:49 PM
Hello Ian,

This email is to inform you that a character on your account was discovered violating the End User License Agreement and/or Rules of Conduct by harassing other players with inappropriate language on 09/11/2007 even after a Gamemaster was talking to you about it in-game.

As a result, your game account has been suspended for 72 hours. If the User Agreement is broken a second time, your account may be sent for review for permanent closure.

Game Account: vialator666
Character Name: Earp
Server: Centaurus

so i replied saying askign what the heck who was i harrasing and said i want to see proof of the chat logs- i then recieved this.

Response (GM Rob) 11/10/2007 02:04 AM
Hello Ian,

Indeed the reason for blocking your account was inaccurate. You were indeed not harassing other players but instead you were using inappropriate language in a public chat channel.

Additionally, once a Gamemaster asked you to restrain from violating our Rules of Conduct, you felt like insulting the Gamemaster with "seriously, you suck" which won't be accepted.

As a result, your game account has been suspended for 72 hours as explained to you earlier. Please not that any additional petitions regarding this will be closed immediately.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.

Kind regards,

GM Rob
PlayNC Customer Support Team

so i replied i would like to see the proof of this in chat logs as i know what i said and that wasnt it- i said he sucks at his job- so i got this reply next.

Response (GM Rob) 11/10/2007 02:22 AM
Hello Ian,

Please note this is a 72 hour ban as opposed to a permanent account closure we are only issuing for repeated offenses or gross misconduct.

A short excerpt of what you said to a NCsoft employee after he told you to please watch your language within the public chat channel is "jesus christ mate you suck !!".

If you wish to review the User Agreement and Rules of Conduct for Tabula Rasa again, you can do so by following the links below:

so hes changed ti around a few times but way out of wack from what was said in the chat logs- i know this and they wotn supply the transcripts of the chat logs

This gm lsot the plot and proberlly had a bad day and decided to take it out on me- so be warned- you can get banned in this game and losoe tiem you actually paid real money for to use.

if you see gm kanders about avoid this person - he is way to rash to be a game master.

thanks anyways
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{NEWFLAG} loszybe
Mon Dec 03 2007, 12:51AM
Registered Member #272
Joined: Fri Nov 23 2007, 08:06PM

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hey,man i know what a bad feeling you've suffered.sometimes dude you know that we just play the gm not to change anything even if sometimes we do need to do that,but to tell you the truth we can not win that 'battle'so just try to be smart and ignore what you don't like ,and you are gonna feel better trust me.
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