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12th AFSI-Legends: Report in! *EU RP*
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{NEWFLAG} Nekomimi
Thu Oct 25 2007, 03:15PM
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The 12th AFS Infantry- Codenamed: Legends is currently recruiting. Please pay careful attention to the following recruiting info:

[ image disabled ]
Captain Lifaefi Paelle, 12th AFS Infantry wrote ...
Welcome Recruits,

You're here because you've shown an interest in transferring into our unit, The 12th AFS Infantry, better known under our codename: Legends.

Our mission is simple- Deny the Enemy the ability to wage war through use of Reconnisance, Subterfuge, and Coordinated Operations.

If we accept your transfer to the Legends, you'll be tasked immediately with getting up to speed with our Modus Operandi. You'll be expected to train with the unit whenever possible, honing your skills for Hot Zone deployments.

You'll be expected to folow our Code of Conduct, and show your fellow unit members the respect and dignity becoming of the 12th AFS.

We are the first ones in, and the last ones out.

We strike fear in the heart of our Enemy.

We are the 12th AFS Infantry.

We are Legends.

Legends is a Multi-Game Roleplaying Community with entities in games such as DDO, LotRO, EQ2 and Guildwars, amongst others. Our goal in Tabula Rasa is to simply provide a gaming enviroment conductive to Roleplaying.

Regular "training exercises", Guild Meetings and events will be held to not only foster the level of teamwork we hope to one day obtain in TR, but also build upon the community that already exists in Legends.

Be forwarned- If your looking for a raiding guild, or a guild that concentrates not on the worth of the person, but on the worth of the loot a person has, then Legends may not be right for you. We are also not a "Hard Core" roleplaying guild. We realize everyone has their level of RP experience, but you will be expected to maintain an "In Character" persona at most times. (more can be found under our Roleplay Policy for Tabula Rasa, or in the Code of Conduct).

The end-game is not a goal to be raced to for us, but a climax to a story that we'll build together slowly, and with purpose. If you feel that you have what it takes to be one of us, then please visit our recruitment section for Tabula Rasa at the Legends Homepage

We hope to speak with you soon, soldier.
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