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The Temporal Vindicators -- Recruitment Thread #1
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{NEWFLAG} Xerross
Thu Oct 11 2007, 04:34PM
Registered Member #230
Joined: Thu Oct 11 2007, 04:32PM

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Greeting Potential Recruits!

I am Xerross, leader of The Temporal Vindicators and we are steadily growing among the clans in the beta, and are still accepting new members! Please review the information below, and if you are interested, please head off to

wrote ...

Who are The Temporal Vindicators?
The Temporal Vindicators is a Clan for the upcoming MMORPG Tabula Rasa.

What is a Clan?
A Clan (more commonly referred to as a Clan) is a group of gamers who have joined up in an effort to make their gaming experience more enjoyable. If you've played other online games, a Clan can be equated to a Guild or Team.

Does The Temporal Vindicators have any enemies?
We do not regard any other Clans as enemies, as we feel it is more important to stress positive relationships at this time rather than negative.

I read the The Temporal Vindicators code. It sounds like you guys don't want to fight. Is this true?
You've made one of the most common misunderstandings of The Temporal Vindicators. We only strive to find a peaceful solution first before fighting. As our enemy, the Bane, is not very open to peaceful and diplomatic negotiations, we are more than ready to fight. [Since PVP information has been release, we shall be a PVPVE clan, since it is entirely optional].

Are you US or EU Based?
We are currently US base, and will be staying with US to launch.

What type of Clan is The Temporal Vindicators?
The Temporal Vindicators is primarily a military organization whose goal is to fight the Bane and its factions of beasts. However, in addition we also have a political faction which will run a clan hall (if possible at release), which will function as a home for the Clan as well as a safe haven for clan members. We also have a crafting division for this Clan so that when the time comes, our crafters can suit us up for the troubling times our world will be in.

What are The Temporal Vindicators goals?
The Temporal Vindicators has a number of goals we are striving to achieve. First and foremost, we look to fight the Bane, and win back our worlds. In addition, we are also striving to create a stable, friendly environment within the Clan. We allow our members to choose jobs and classes that best fit them, even if that position is not currently within the Clan. We're happy to make additions to the current list of classes so that everyone in the Clan is doing something that they enjoy. Second, when (and if!) we are able to build some sort of base, we want to create the best home for the clan as we possibly can.

I heard The Temporal Vindicators is a player-driven Clan. Aren't all Clans player-driven? What makes The Temporal Vindicators different?
Yes, you're absolutely correct, all Clans rely on their members. However, here at The Temporal Vindicators we take a different approach than most Clans. Our leaders listen to the members. The Clan is shaped around members' needs. If something is not going the right way, our members speak up, and our leaders get hard at work at changing it. The input of the member is highly valued in The Temporal Vindicators.

What age are The Temporal Vindicator members?
The Temporal Vindicator members are a variety of ages ranging from 13 to people almost into their 30's. No matter what age you are, you're bound to find someone similar in The Temporal Vindicators. (Note : There are some people I've ran into beta, who suggested having an 18+ rule, if it comes time to do this, I will have too. But so far even the wacky 13 year olds running in the game have been very mature, and helpful).

What type of person is The Temporal Vindicators looking for to join?
The Temporal Vindicators's constantly searching for open-minded contributive people. We listen to our members and a lot of the decisions and ideas come from them. We're always trying to find people who aren't afraid to make suggestions and help out in order to make their membership more enjoyable. Whether you be a casual player or hardcore, or whatever your class may be, as long as your willing to have fun we're sure you'll fit right in.

What's The Temporal Vindicators policy towards roleplaying?
We encourage roleplaying, but don't enforce it. Through the use of a code we provide for a limited roleplaying environment where the members can decide how much depth they would like to go into while roleplaying. This way, everyone's happy.

If I join and I'm a new member, can I still obtain a high ranking position?
Of course! Promotions in The Temporal Vindicators are based upon merit and ability. We hold open applications so that anyone can try out for a new position. If you are the most qualified person for the job, there is nothing stopping you from obtaining it. And if you don't, keep in mind that no matter what your position is, we listen to your input.

How do I join?
Joining is simple and easy. Just click the "Register" button on our forums, sign up with a username, and head over to the Recruitment Office and check out the simple and easy instructions on how to apply.

A simple, and and easy code to follow below:
wrote ...

The Code

1. Camaraderie – A Vindicator will treat fellow Clan mates with respect and courtesy at all times. Members of the Temporal Vindicators should not argue amongst each other in an immature fashion. If a debate or discussion becomes heated and can not be resolved by the parties involved, the situation should be reported to a member of the Vindication Council for mediation.

2. Loyalty – A Vindicator will remain loyal to the Temporal Vindicators and the forces of good for which we fight. Vindicator members may not be associated with the forces of evil that we battle against. Members found assisting, conspiring with or joining with our enemies may be subject to immediate removal from the Temporal Vindicators. (More or less, this pertains to clan hopping).

3. Honor – A Vindicator will do his utmost to represent the Temporal Vindicators in all aspects of life. What one single member of the Temporal Vindicators does reflects upon all of us. Members should never engage in public bickering, name-calling, uncouth behavior or any activity unbecoming a Vindicator. Members should treat our allies with the same respect they would offer a Clan mate and treat our enemies with the simple courtesy afforded to a foe that is as willing to die for his cause as we are for ours.

4. Maturity – A Vindicator will refrain from using offensive or insulting language while in the company of others. Vindicators will not disrupt communications such as Clan chat, ventrilo, IRC or other mediums of communication with immature or unnecessary comments or displays of crudeness. Members should readily comply if asked by a fellow member, officer or councilor to stop doing something.

5. Integrity – A Vindicator will keep secure all information in which they are privileged to due to their status as a member. Information given in Clan chat, member’s only forums, ventrilo, IRC, and any other medium of communication is for Vindicator eyes only and should never be shared with outsiders. Any member found leaking information to anyone who is not cleared to have said information may be subject to immediate removal from the Temporal Vindicators.

6. Duty – A Vindicator must remain active in one or more divisions of the Temporal Vindicators. Vindicators must do their utmost to participate in scheduled events, read and post on the forums and follow the instructions of Clan officers and councilors. If a member becomes inactive, they must notify an officer or Councilor and make a post in the “Leave of Absence” forum explaining their intentions. Members who fail to do so may be removed from the active roster and subject to re-application if they wish to return.

Rules Clarifications and Other Policies
Temporal Vindicators Naming Policy

A Member of the Temporal Vindicators, and people wishing to become members, must adhere to the Naming Convention to which the Temporal Vindicator abides. The use of lewd or offensive names, or names that have common words meshed together to 'sound cool' will not be allowed. The Temporal Vindicators do its utmost to exemplify maturity in all avenues. Please put forth careful thought and consideration into the names that you choose, both in game and on the forums. While that name is an extension and reflection of you, it also reflects upon the Temporal Vindicators as a whole and is how most people associate and formulate opinions of this organization upon first impressions. As a member and representative of The Temporal Vindicators your name should not only reflect your individuality, but also exemplify maturity.

Your name should look like a name, not a conglomeration of letters and/or words. Examples of unacceptable names: IRockDaSocks, GThang, QFTforYou, Pwner, Mynutzitch, Iammybank, IkillBane, Qlerthnu etc. Once again, please put forth careful thought and consideration into the names that you choose.

Policy on Leaving the Clan

We encourage all members to think long and hard before leaving the Temporal Vindicators. Whether you plan on leaving the game, the Clan or for any other reason... removing your Temporal Vindicators tag is not something to be taken lightly. Thus we follow several guidelines for people who Clanremove:

1. Member access on the Vindicator forums will be removed if you leave the Clan. A grace period may be given for you to say your goodbyes, but this is at the discretion of the forum administrators.

2. All members who remove themselves from the Temporal Vindicators will be required to submit an application for readmission if they decide to come back. Their application will processed in accordance with the normal guidelines set forth by the Director of Personnel.

Enforcement of The Code and Clan Policies

In online gaming, Clans live and die by the rules and standards by which they govern themselves. The Temporal Vindicators sets high standards for its members and its leaders in order to create a better gaming environment for us all. The rules and regulations laid out by the Council will be enforced vigorously and no one wearing the the Temporal Vindicators tag will be exempt from them. Code violations will be dealt with on a one on one basis depending on the situation and the severity of the violation. Gross violations and repeated violations will be punishable by removal from the Clan. Members who do not cooperate or are not willing to submit to the inquiries of internal affairs officers or councilors regarding violations of the code will also be subject to disciplinary action or dismissal.

If you need any other information feel free to Private Message me on here, or if you want to register on our official forums to chat, feel free, anyone is welcome!

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