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AFS Scavengers clan is now recruiting new members!
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{NEWFLAG} Scavenger
Tue Oct 09 2007, 02:35PM

Registered Member #228
Joined: Tue Oct 09 2007, 02:16PM

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AFS Scavengers

Listen up soldiers this is the REAL DEAL.

We are signing up players now to be a part of AFS Scavengers history...

During the beta testing we are accepting all players - even if you are fresh out of boot camp.

After all, if you have the courage to be a "beta tester" you have the courage to be an "AFS Scavenger".

The Clan has three primary missions. The first is to provide support and help to fellow clan members by answering questions, giving tips, and working in groups. The second is to participate in PvP actions and activities in the spirit of fun and action. The third is to be one of the larger, more active, and most social clans in the game.

If you really want to understand our organization, go to our website now to read the rich history of the AFSS-CLAN. It is a good way to get a sense of the spirit and benefits you will get out of being a part our our elite team. Clicking this link gives you full access into all CONFIDENTIAL content in our website. That's how much we trust you already trooper.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the front lines side by side with our team (US Servers) - let us know if you want to join the clan by replying to this thread and we will send you an invitation.

We want you to be a part of our clan - or at least give it a try - but later, if you want to leave or join another clan you can simply use the "/clanleave" command. We will keep on fighting the Bane together for humanity anyway...

(One last thing - the clan functionality of TR is not yet completely stable (after all this is a beta test) so it is possible that some days the clan may not be operating while the developers make fixes and enhancements)

Good luck and good questing,


AFS Scavengers Clan

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{NEWFLAG} Scavenger
Wed Dec 12 2007, 02:11PM

Registered Member #228
Joined: Tue Oct 09 2007, 02:16PM

Posts: 2
Ok soldiers we made it through the beta and now it is time to go for the big time - the Orion servers.

Our essential clan information is listed below:

1) We are a PvP clan (player vs player)

But we are doing this for FUN - not for profit. We are more of a rag tag unit - not one that highly organized. We don't have assigned roles and responsibilities like some of the other clans. We don't all paint our armor same the color of lemon-lime green.

We will not get over our heads by challenging every single clan on the face of a planet. So if you join our team you don't have to worry about getting killed everytime you turn around and transport to a new location.

We will however come to your rescue in you alert us on the clan channel that you are under attack.

2) Role Playing

We are not a role playing clan for our communications on the clan chat channel but we are a role playing clan within our blog postings.

But if you would like to assume a role in the game - hey go for it - it takes all kinds to be an AFS Scavenger.

3) Time zones

Our clan has an international membership so someone should always be playing from our clan 24x7.

4) Rules of clan admission

No rules at this point - it is still too early after the initial game release.

This may be subject to change in the future as the game clans stabilize and the clan wars become better defined.

5) Clan officers and hiearchy

You can read more at this posting:

BULLETIN: AFSS Master Control Center (MCC) Releases New Clan Ranks

6) Clan language


You can read more at this posting:

AFS Scavengers receive their "wings" on the TR community clans military roster

7) How to join our clan

You can sign up by following the instructions at this posting:

How to sign-up for the AFS Scavengers Clan

IMPORTANT NOTE - If you create a clone while you are in the game and start using the clone, you will have to be reinvited to the clan to get the clone registered (your original character remains registered as well).

Make sure to whisper "/w" to another clan member from your new clone to get the reinvite!

We want you in our clan - go to our website for more information or for an invite.

- Scav

AFS Scavengers Clan

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