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Jackmancer - Player call to clan
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{NEWFLAG} Jackmancer
Mon Sep 24 2007, 09:53AM

Registered Member #210
Joined: Mon Sep 24 2007, 04:42AM

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Well, sorry for my missbehavior hehe. I have a complete diffrent mindset then others I guess. I see clans advertising here but why can't this forum work the other way =)

I want to join a clan here, since I'm entering this game completely solo after a wonderfull two years of World of Warcraft. Great successes there, could list them all but looking back isn't always the best if you want to improve your future. Anyway, can't resist, so short:

First of all, I started up a guild being low level named GrimsWorth. We grew bigger and bigger and after nearly a year we piked at 200 men. A few weeks later I wanted to take a step back but there was no real subsitute for me so I disbanned. After months of being a lone wolf (with loads of invites from all sorts of guilds) I joined Circle of Light and later became their vice leader plus the designer and admin of their forum ( Sorry for my arrogance, but it was me who led the men of Circle of Light and friends to many victories against the Horde. My Night Elf hunter was the modern days Aragorn (not a nickname I labbeled myself, yet I liked it). Our longest winning streak was 41 wins. Reached rank 11 and nearly 50 000 honorable kills. The expansion came and I rapidly was level 70. And then... I was bored. PvP was dead, and so was I. I left WoW.

- Before WoW I played myself till the late hours in Diablo 2, includding Lord of Destruction. Anyway, I've forgotten most of my "adventures" there.

But anyway, after a few weeks of doing nothing (no online gaming) I so need a new community and a new game to get myself into. I need a new challenge and I hope there is some clan around here that can give me a place.

Oh well, as for the facts, I'm 18 years old, a guy, from the Netherlands, having the posibility to use voice communications (It's build in-game isn't it?). I do a graphic design study and make websites for my own fun. Sounds wierd but it's true.

Left to add is that I really enjoy role playing games... while staying in the role. Well, not at the rate of sickness but at least to talk like my puppet would do. But sometimes you have to look left and right to see there's a world behind your monitor.

That's all I guess. Of course questions can be questioned and answers will be answerred.


Jackmancer, Lord of Mancers.

[ Edited Mon Sep 24 2007, 11:11PM ]

"By Virtue and Valor I Shine, but do not Burn."
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