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idea for an instance
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{NEWFLAG} Stratagem
Fri May 25 2007, 04:13PM
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We recived word on some increased Bane activity in the Epsilon sector to the southeast. It was not your routine roaming Bane Patrols or a Bane assault force. These bastards were hiding something. This is not the sort of thing the AFS has survived this long by ignoring.

The Problem with the whole deal was our recon teams found out the focal point of this activity is the Outpost at Di'Kir Ridge. Dammit if we didnt build that baby to last. We really put our backs into making that base hold out now matter what. Our girl took a whole lotta hell before she buckled down but even she went down to these hellspawn eventually. Was a tough pill to swallow let me tell you.

So anyway Orders came down from HQ that i was to lead 3 squads of men break into the outpost and find out what the hell was going on. If the Colonel hadnt been serious when he told me id have laughed in his face. As it was i felt like crying. 3 squads! 18 men to bust through what took hundreds of Thrax to take out. Its odds like that that make heros he told us. I wanted to tell him they also made corpses.

Recon did manage to find 3 points of entry that had a chance of not getting me and all my men killed. But i knew in my jeart that if I kept all my men together there is no way of clearing all the thrax without alerting whoever was in command of our of ingress.

The best option turned out to be splitting up I took Alpha squad through a hole in the back wall the Thrax were kind enough to not bother repairing. Seargant Kennedey took Bravo through the waste removal ducts. and Seargant Johnson took Charlie through the underground maintenace facility.

It took us about 45 minutes before we all managed to rendevous at the Command Center. Luckily the Bane seemed to think like we did. Any atack on DiKir would be with massive amount of troops, so most of the guards were on the front wall with thier backs to us. Even with the element of surpise I cant believe we managed to cut down as many as we did. Lord knows what Bravo and Charlie had to go through to reach the CC.

Hell anyway we managed to secure the three entrances to the CC. We Blew the Doors and when we entered I really wanted to give some choice words to my Colonel. Standing in the Command Center was a Thrax Overfiend. Son those bastrads make a Thrax officer look like some day one recruit. Four arms each with some nasty looking firepower, and one hell of an evil look in his eye. It was going to be an interesting day...

its heat and pressure that forms the diamond, not apathy and excuses. Be a Diamond. Kill Bane.
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{NEWFLAG} Stratagem
Fri May 25 2007, 04:24PM
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so basically what happens is you take three groups (lets say 3 groups of 6 so 18 people total) they "spawn" at thier respective Ingress points. Group leader makes sure that those designated Bravo's know they got the shit job (waste removal ducts ^^) each squads independant clear thier area's making sure not to make it to the Command Center before any of the other squads. Once all three squads reach the command center, they engage the overfiend and kill or be killed. If one squad reaches the command center before the others that squas has to fight the overfiend with just 6 guys... goodluck. If the 3 squads just go directly to the Command Center without killing the trash the overfiend sounds the alarm and all surviving Thrax rush the command center. Thrax party of 40 hungry for some human flesh, no good for the heroes. If the players take too long (ie more than 45 minutes the overfiend calls a dropship and leaves, robbing our heroes of the big kill).

i think this would be incredibly challenging for 18 people to do, and would also be incredibly fun to undertake. what do you think?

its heat and pressure that forms the diamond, not apathy and excuses. Be a Diamond. Kill Bane.
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Tue May 29 2007, 06:26AM

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i tink that you put a lot of time into thinking of this or you are just naturally creative, in respect to things of this nature.

Anyways i thought it was great I would def be interested in the 18 man slaughter. Sounds like a Hami raid in CoX... lots of fun!

great post man!

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