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Taking over a planet?
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{NEWFLAG} Fractured
Wed Mar 28 2007, 04:39AM
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First off, I'd really like to see if people think taking over a planet should be possible or not.

My reason for saying this, is because while it is obviously a endless fight, I think there should be atleast a temporarly peace with a planet. This would give a feel that your fighting for a reason, not just a endless, hopeless battle. So if a bunch of players band together, and fight well coordinated, through a ton of tough Bane, and actually pull it off, I think for a day or two, the planet should be at peace.

During that period, the planet could hold some festivals, with some mini-games, pointless to decent prizes, and such like that. Also there could still be more serious missions, like mopping up some Bane, fortifying certain defenses, bringing supplies for a new base or two, and help culling the local hostile animals.

Then after a certain period, Bane will start showing up, in larger and larger numbers. And the whole supplies to the new bases, fortifying defenses, and mopping up left behind Bane bases and what not would help defend from this. But of course if it lasts too long, the Bane send a massive amount of soldiers, and sending down some Orbital Strikes or something.

This could do two things, give players something new now and then, and give a feeling that there is a CHANCE of winning, and not just a war that will never end.

The shadows always consume the weak!
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Wed Sep 19 2007, 03:36PM
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If a number of planets were held within a faction, easter eggs or what have you could be had for all the work divided by the amount of time you invest in the endeavor.
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{NEWFLAG} NJgamerguy
Thu Oct 04 2007, 06:25PM
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I think that is a good idea and would be a challenge.

When I picture that idea I imagine several Bane bases that must be liberated. After all are liberated the planet is secured and maybe there are bonuses to go with it such as cheaper prices at vendors or what ever. The other thing on that I would imagine that for every Bane base to fall the remaining Bane bases would fortify more with in a certain time making them all each harder and harder to take. That would emphasize the need for several bases to be taken simultaneously. I would go with also that the bases only remain safe for about a week then the second week the Bane start attacking and by the third week it is impossible to hold out. After another week when all the bases are reclaimed by the Bane it starts over again.

Well that is roughly my opinion on it at least.

Oh for instance taking a planet for that week you gain benefits while fighting on other planets.
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