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  Benefactor Stone Project  
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Nearly 50 years ago, an archeologist found an unusual artifact during a routine research project in Machu Picchu, high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It was a small disk with a metallic triskelion in the center and strange ideograms along the edge. The unusual disk was dubbed “The Mystery of Piedra de las Acianos” and received very little attention for many years.

Several years ago, “The Benefactor Stone”, as the disk was now called, found its way to the United States. A small team of serious researchers began to examine the disk using an array of modern scientific equipment. They found that the ideograms constituted a unique form of communication. They further hypothesized that the disk itself was possibly of alien origin.

The excitement surrounding this discovery eventually led to the establishment of a privately funded research project now known as the Benefactor Stone Project (commonly referred to as the BSP).

The Benefactor Stone Project reproduced a series of disks bearing certain ideograms from the original Benefactor Stone for worldwide distribution. Many people participated in this project, helping to translate the strange symbols on the disks.

We here at TR Gamers are just as dedicated to driving this research, and thanks to a secret contact at the newly found digsite, are in the process of aquiring top notch staff who's unique skills and background should prove to make us the number one source for all things BSP.

There is an ongoing BSP contest with a very nice prize. You can find the official detials HERE .

[ image disabled ]

A Mystery Delivery has arrived; does it hold another clue to unlocking the secrets of the logos? Help us discover the truth of our past, and the key to our future.
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